Beer Descriptions - Find your favorite!

Here are detailed descriptions of our beers, please check our tap list to see what's currently available!

  1. PA'S PORTER abv 5.0                                                                             Dark and roasty beer, also created using our Cascade hops.  Definitely a favorite!

  2. BLACKBERRY KETTLE SOUR abv 4.5                                                    We used lactobacillus to sour this beer.  Then we added blackberry, and let this beer sit to get the fruit flavor.

  3. Hazy IPA w/LACTOSE abv 6.5                                                                   We used Galaxy, Nectaron, Cryo Citra, and Cryo Mosaic hops in this easy drinking hazy.  We also added lactose for that smooth, creamy mouth feel.

  4. HANNAH'S HONEY CREAM ALE abv 5.4                                              Light ale fermented with a mix of lager and ale yeast. Brewed with   30 lbs of honey from Waseca’s own Hannah’s Honey.

  5. NECTARONOMICON - HAZY IPA abv 6.5                                                 We were able to get some hard to find Nectaron hops so we brewed a Hazy IPA with Cryo Mosaic, Cryo Citra, and Nectaron hops, with Theiolized yeast.

  6. WARREN'S WISDOM abv 5.5                                                                       A copper-colored ale using our Cascade hops with English yeast.

  7. MN PINT DAY BRITISH GOLDEN ALE abv 5.0                                  Brewed for MN Pint Day from a recipe from the Minnesota Brewer’s Association.  Light bodied, bitter, golden ale using British yeast.

  8. STRAWBERRY CREAM ALE W/LACTOSE AND VANILLA abv 5.5              This is a cream ale brewed with Lactose for a softer mouth feel.  We then aged this beer on Strawberry Puree and Vanilla Beans.  Delicious!

  9. HANNAH'S HONEY CREAM ALE W/HABANERO abv 5.4                      We took our Hannah’s and added fresh, locally grown habanero peppers, to give this beer the subtle flavor and heat of the peppers.

  10. HARD SELTZER - GUAVA abv 4.5                                                          Hard Seltzer with Guava.  Refreshing.