Beer Descriptions - Find your favorite!

Here are detailed descriptions of our beers, please check our tap list to see what's currently available!

  1. NITRO - LAULIMA IMPERIAL STOUT  abv: 9.0                                         

    Meaning “Many hands” in Hawaiian, this American Imperial Stout has Kona coffee, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs all brought back from Hawaii

  2. WARREN'S WISDOM - AMBER  abv: 5.5                                                     A copper-colored ale using our Cascade hops with English yeast.

  3. AMERICAN HEFEWEIZEN  abv: 5.6                                                     This is a classic American Wheat beer.  We use the American Hefeweizen yeast which mutes the banana and clove flavor of a traditional German Hefeweizen.

  4. HAZY IPA W/VIC SECRET  abv: 6.0                                                      This hazy ipa still knows that it’s an IPA.  We used Amarillo, Mosaic, Citra, and the main hop is Vic Secret.  Notes of pineapple, pine, and passionfruit.

  5. FRENCH SAISON  abv: 5.1 

    This style of beer comes from the French speaking area of Belgium.  This beer was given to farmhands rather than water.  It’s a straw colored, light ale with a spiced yeast.

  6. CERVEZA WITH LIME  abv: 5.2 

    Mexican Lager style beer brewed with flaked maize.  Light and crisp.  We then added the zest of lime, so you don’t need a lime wedge.  Great Summer beer.

  7. TANGERINE CREAM ALE W/VANIILA AND LACTOSE    abv: 5.3           A cream ale that we add lactose to thicken and make a creamy mouth feel.  after fermentation we add real vanilla beans and 44lbs of tangerine puree and let sit for 2 weeks.                                                                                      

    To sour this beer we use Lactobacillus in the boil kettle, then boil the beer to kill the bacteria and finish as a normal beer.  Then we add the real vanilla beans and peach puree and let it sit.  Great summer beer! 

  9. HANNAH'S HONEY CREAM ALE  abv: 5.4 

    We made this beer with 60 lbs of honey from our friends at Hannah's Honey here in Waseca.  It's a crowd favorite

  10. GLUTEN REDUCED - FRENCH SAISON  abv: 5.1                                We use an enzyme to break down the gluten proteins during fermentation to take our French Saison, and make it gluten reduced.